Rod bolts

Rod bolts

Our rod bolts like all our high qualilty parts built to perform without compromise quality, with our high standards.

The connecting rod is one of the first areas of concern when ever one feels that he has overstressed his engine. "It threw a rod" is a common cry after a disastrous engine failure, "throw" a rod is the usual failure that the rod to crank bearing material (the "big end") breaks down from over stress or more commonly lack of lubrication or poor rod bolt material properties. Accelerated wear then makes a large clearance, and the remaining soft bearing material is pounded out with large clanking noises.

The highest tensile force on the rod and bolts happens when the throttle is closed at high rpm. The rod and piston are being accelerated downward at close to 800 "Gs" and the crankcase pressure (ambient or greater) is pushing upward against inlet pressure which is near zero absolute from manifold vacuum. In an engine this load can be from 1800kgrm to 5500kgrm (depends the weight of the piston & rod vs rpm). The highest compressive load is near top dead center in a full throttle power stroke where the pressure can peak over 1400 psi. The acceleration of the piston and rod compensate partly for this pressure loading, but it probably peaks at a about 5000kgrm compressive load.

We offer 3 types:

Billet cnc built high quality rod bolts
Billet steel Alloy - 9000rpms 25m/sec
Billet H11 tool steel - 11000rpms 32m/sec
Billet H13 tool steel - 13500rpms 43m/sec


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