Billet Cases

Billet Cases

After many tests on track and after many failures of the OEM factory cases, we decide to built our own billet cases in 2015.
The idea came from our previous experience in aviation, that some of the moving parts mounted with the parallel angles tend under big loads to move away from one another. Anything helical gear comes in contact with the next of this trend. So we design a totaly new case that can undergo trends. This is the main reason that break cases of differential.
We have developed and engineered a replacement billet differential housing for high performance projects, available are for the Mitsubishi Evo 7-8-9 series, Nissan GTR R35 and Audi/VW 4x4 and Lamborghini. (more to come)

Is a vital drivetrain upgrade component that are used in competition applications as the factory front differential casing allows flex which can lead to premature gear failure as pictured. The problem with this is that when the factory differential housing fails it nearly always damages the crown and pinions too.

transfer casestransfer cases

Designed for total integrity, strength and performance in extreme environments. Our cases proven, tested, and ready for sale and installation.
Built under high quality philosophy machinery, checked at CMM each part to ensure the perfect fitment.
Also we imporve the lubrication on them.

And Like most of our transmission parts comes under life time warranty!

- Precision machined from Billet Aluminum and Magnesium
- Vastly increased strength over the factory housing to resist failure
- Improved lubrication to the bearings
- Can be used with all factory and aftermarket differential centers
- Straight fit design
- Designed and manufactured under ISO 9001 certifications

Enjoy Perfection !


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