Drag races demand the utmost in durability, quality and an optimal level of reliability.

Having accumulated, over the years, a large experience coming from this kind of races, we can proudly offer to the market, high performance gearboxes, reliable, tough for any motor sport, with unsurpassed endurance to big horsepower and extreme loads.

Used under extreme duty in Drag Races, our gearboxes have simply proved to be bulletproof.

Unrivalled strength and reliability, perfect gear selection, light weight, involving superior heat treating techniques in production, combined with high level quality materials, our productsBAK have gained a reputation internationally as tough, reliable and unbreakable units.

Our gear sets and kits have many options.From standard road car transmissions conversions into more durable every day use units, to racing and drag racing projects.

Sequential or traditional H-pattern kits are available in a large range of solutions for different applications that can be adapted to many types of vehicles with multiple mounting options and configurations.

Also available, fully custom crown-wheel and Pinions in outstanding strength and quality, for all variety of applications.

Our expertise and innovative approaches have enabled us to develop unique racing transmission solutions that can be rapidly developed for any installation that is not only highly competitive in terms of its performance but also its cost.

It’s our only purpose to offer the absolute best product and even to exceed customer’s expectations.


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